Monday, 10 November 2014

Monday, 3 November 2014

Loupe Collarge

Miss Lagann has shown us this cool website!!

Scaring grandma

Scaring grandma

 WALT: Use great punchuashen

    2 weeks ago I was watching a video it was not very good so I ran to my room and tried to play xbox until I could not find my xbox controler. I looked for it for 4 minutes, I found my knex box so I played with it instead. I built this, I ran to my mum and said look at this mum said that is EPIC. The next day mum said lets go to the beach and grama’s I said lets take the knex car as well. We drove slowly to the beach and I jummed out with the knex car. I turned it on and it went well over the dry rocky ground my mum stayed in the hot car, I ran to the car with the knex car and slowly got in the car we drove quite quickly this time, we arrived after 2 minutes. I grabbed the knex car and ran down the driveway and to the back door I turned it on then i put it through the cat door and in about 5 seconds it was away it drove slowly it to the lange and i put the back of it with my hand so it turned and was going to grama she thought that is the cat. “Come he puss puss” Gramma said I opened the door and said that not the cat that my knex car. I sat down after turning it off and had a cup of tea with biscuits.